Digitaler Motion Controller

Multi-Axis Controller For Stand-Alone Applications
Position and control up to 8 drives and actuators

DMC digital motion controller from Galil
Digital motion controller

Galil's stand-alone DMC motion controllers can operate without a host computer or they can communicate with the host via RS-232, USB or Ethernet. Various options are available, including enclosure or card styles and single or multi-axis controllers. Several digital controllers can be operated simultaneously per subnet. These should be set up as separately as possible from the office network.

As with all DMC motion controllers, programming is carried out using simple and catchy commands, which always consist of 2 letters (e.g. BG = start). The GDK software supports commissioning with tuning tools, scope, plot, setup and real-time displays of position, inputs/outputs, etc. Drivers are available for Windows, .Net, QNX and Linux.


The DMC-40x0 motion controller is Galil's fastest stand-alone controller. It is part of Galil's latest motion controller family: the Accelera series. It supports encoder input up to 22 MHz, offers servo update rates up to 32 kHz and processes commands within 40 µs - 10 times faster than previous generations.

The DMC-40x0 is a fully featured controller in a compact metal housing with optional controllers. Communication is via RS-232 or Ethernet or the unit operates completely autonomously. The controller includes opto-isolated inputs/outputs and powerful outputs. The latter e.g. for the operation of brakes or relays. Analog inputs for analog sensors are also included in the range of functions. DMC-40x0 controllers and controller unit can be supplied with just one voltage source (20 - 80 VDC). Optionally, the power and control units can also be supplied separately.

The DMC is available with different numbers of axes and each axis can be used by the user for stepper or servo. The standard programming includes PID controllers with feedforward for speed and acceleration, program memory with multitasking for up to 8 programs and unassigned I/Os for synchronization with external events and much more. Movement modes include point-to-point movement, jogging, linear and circular interpolation, contouring, electronic clutch and ECAM.


The Econo series motion controllers are an affordable alternative to the Accelera series and the successor to the DMC-21x3. They are available with or without a housing. The DMC works independently or in connection with a PC via Ethernet 10/100Base-T, RS-232 or USB. In the simplest case, the DMC-41x3 control unit and integrated controller can be supplied with a 20-80 VDC power source. The number of axes can be selected between 1 and 8, and a different drive type can be operated with each axis. The standard programming functions are the same as for the Accelera series. There are only minor differences.

Realized locations

  • Pfeil rechtsCNC milling machine
  • Pfeil rechtsWafer handling
  • Pfeil rechtslaser scanner
  • Pfeil rechts3D printer

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Accelera and Econo series models

Kenndaten DMC-40x0 DMC-41x3
Number of axles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8
Max. Encoder frequency 22 MHz 15 MHz
Servo update rate 1-2 axes: 62 µs3-4 axes : 125 µs5-6 axes : 156 µs7-8 ax es : 187 µs ( half values a .A. ) 1-2 axes: 125 µs3-4 axes: 250 µs5-6 axes: 375 µs7-8 axes: 500 µs (half values a.A.)
Communication 1 x Ethernet 10/100Base-T 2 x RS-232 (115 Kb) 1 x Ethernet10/100Base-T1 x RS-232 (115 Kb) 1 x USB
LCD display 2 lines -
Supply voltage 20 - 80 VDC 20 - 80 VDC
Form factor Box Card or box
Dual Encoder Yes Yes
I/O specification  
Free digital inputs 1-4 axes: 8 5-8 axes: 16 (opto-isolated) 1-4 axes: 8 5-8 axes: 16 (opto-isolated)
Free digital outputs 1-4 axes: 8 5 -8 axes: 16 (opto-isolated ) 1-4 axes: 8 5-8 axes: 16 (opto-isolated)
Opto-isolated digital inputs Limit switchHomeHigh-Speed LatchAbort Limit switchHomeHigh-Speed Latch Abort
Digital I/O 32 (TTL 0 - 3.3 Volt) (5 V optional) see above
Analog inputs 12-bit ±10V (8) 16-bit ADC 12-bit ±10V (8) 16-bit ADC
Max. Stepper motor rate 6 MHz 3 MHz
Command processing 40 µs 200 µs
Program lines (lines x char) 4,000 x 80 4,000 x 80
Array size 24,000 24,000
Number of variables 510 510
Multitasking 8 tasks 8 tasks

Integrated controller options

More details can be found in the special subpages

Optional controller for motor type axes Comm. DMC-40x0 DMC-41x3
All-In-One all 2 and 4 Sine D35x7 D35x7
Servo drives 3-phase brushless 2 and 4 Sinus D35x0 D35x0
Servo drives 3-phase brushless 4 Sinus D3740 D3740
Servo drives brushless and brushed 2 and 4 block D30x0 D30x0
Servo drives brushless and brushed 4 block D3240 D3240
Servo drives, linear 3-phase brushless 4 Sinus D3640 D3640
Servo drives brushed 4 block D3140 D3140
Servo drive 2-phase brushless 2 and 4 Sinus D35x7 D35x7
Stepper motor driver 2-phase brushless 2 and 4 Sinus D35x7 D35x7
Stepper motor driver 4 microstep 3 A 2 step D41x0 D41x0
Stepper motor driver 2 or 4 times 1.4 A with full, half, 1/4, 1/16 step 2 and 4 step D40x0 D40x0
External controllers controller-dependent 1   * *

* Control signal to the controller ±10 V or Step/Dir

Interconnect Module (ICM)

Module ICM-42000 (-I000) ICM-42100 (-I100) ICM-42200 (-I200)
Use Default ICM Sin/Cos encoder Rather for external controllers
Within the DMC Yes Yes Yes
Output for controller signals and I/Os Yes Yes Yes
Encoder connection 15-pin HD F D per axis 15-pin HD F D per axis 26-pin HD F D per axis
Axis connection 44-pin HD M D per 4 axes 44-pin HD M D per 4 axes 44-pin HD M D per 4 axes on the encoder connector
Analog connection 15-pin LD M D 15-pin LD M D 15-pin LD M D
I/O connection 44-pin HD F D 44-pin HD F D 44-pin HD F D
8 x 500 mA digital outputs (max. 3 A) Yes Yes Yes
Configurable amplifier enable Yes Yes Yes
Encoder (quadrature, pulse and direction) Yes Yes Yes
Sin/Cos Encoder No Yes No
SSI and BiSS option Yes No Yes

HD = High Density, LD = Low Density, F = Female, M = Male, D = Sub-D connector

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