Waferhandling in der Halbleiterindustrie mit Motion Controller

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3D printing

3D-Drucker mit Motion Controller ansteuern

3D printers open up another area of application for motion controllers. Coordinated motion sequences with circular or linear interpolation and precise position control of multiple axes are the most demanding tasks. What is moved through space is arbitrary.

In measuring machines, it is the measuring probe, in 3D printers it is the nozzle that controls the material output. The latter can also be controlled with a motion controller and, if necessary, the temperature control to melt the plastic strand.

For very complex figures, the path is calculated on the computer. The motion controller processes individual path segments according to the FIFO principle. A buffer in the controller ensures that there are no unwanted interruptions.

Laboratory automation

Bild zu Laborautomation

Here too, the main task is motion controller of the individual drive axes to transport 100, 1,000 or more test tubes. Motion controllers perform work steps repeatedly with the required precision. Thanks to the automation achieved, an entire process is carried out reliably and documentation is created at the same time. Complete traceability of individual work steps is therefore guaranteed.

In addition to providing motion controllers and drive axes, the monitoring of sensors and the positioning of actuators and valves are also required. This task is solved with another component, the PLC. The motion controller and PLC communicate with each other via Ethernet.

Medical technology

Langlebige Pumpenantriebe in der Medizintechnik

Our products achieve maximum reliability in medical technology, such as in heart-lung machines, blood pumps and other life-support machines. We also meet special requirements, such as in electron beam microscopy.

Surgical robots


Operations require precise and fast movements. In future, surgical robots will also automate this task. This requires position control that is dependent on the mechanical and electromechanical components. Lower weight is just one advantage of using a frameless motor or kit motor: The moving mass can be significantly reduced by eliminating the housing and gearbox.

Another aspect is the use of frameless motors as direct drives: gear backlash, friction losses and noise emissions are eliminated. Less interference has a beneficial effect on position control. This also benefits the operating staff and ultimately even the patients.

Fiber optic technology

Automatisches Ausrichten von Glasfasern

Glass fibers and optical fibers are positioned in the nanometer range. This places the highest demands on the drive technology, specifically position detection, positioning and the drive.

A direct drive eliminates the spindle, gearbox and several bearings as a source of interference. This is followed by the individual adaptation of the motor to the motion profile and a high number of poles. Finally, the conventional bearing must be replaced by an air bearing.

Optical machines

Anwendung Spindelantrieb

We supply servo motors and voice coil actuators for spindles and feed axes in optical machines. High acceleration and smooth running, even at low speeds, are crucial here.

The drive axes are positioned and coordinated by a digital motion controller. This ensures fast and precise position control of several axes and interpolation of the 3 main axes. The result: first-class machining results in the manufacture of optics.


Motion Controller steuern die Achsen eines Robotors

If you are manufacturing a robot, you will need servo drives. Due to the very limited installation space, kits for motors are suitable for this. This means that the rotor and stator are designed according to the installation space and the requirement profile. As every application is different, every drive is also different.

Although our products operate behind the scenes, you may be familiar with the robots in which they operate. Our servo drives can be found in warehouse automation robots for major retailers, in prescription fulfillment robots in pharmacies near you, in hospital operating rooms, including an FDA-approved surgical robot, and in factories around the world.

Science and research

Motion Controller im Thirty Meter Teleskop

One of the latest projects using Galileo's latest generation motion controllers and amplifiers is the 30 Meter Telescope.

The Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) https://www.tmt.org/ is to be built near the summit of Maunakea on Hawaii Island and will be one of the largest optical telescopes in the world when the first images are taken towards the end of the next decade.

With an innovative design first used in the Keck I and Keck II telescopes, the TMT's main (primary) mirror consists of 492 hexagonal mirror segments, each nearly 1.5 meters wide. You can find the full report here:


Motion Controller bewegen Wafer in der Halbleitertechnik
Im Reinraum bewegen Sie Wafer präzise mit einem Motion Controller.

Coordination of multi-axis movements, bonding, scanning and positioning of wafers, CDs and DVDs. Our customers benefit from optimized drive technology: sometimes highly precise, sometimes highly dynamic, sometimes both.

Vibration and damping

Anwendung Schwingungsdämpfung Voice-Coil

Voice coil actuators offer a wide range of industrial applications for vibration or damping. The voice coil serves as the source of the vibration.

Conversely, our voice coil is able to compensate for unwanted vibrations that affect the system. The voice coil generates a precisely controlled vibration to neutralize and reduce disturbing influences as active damping.

Special machine construction

Anwendungsbeispiel Sondermaschinenbau

Use and integration of our products, e.g. in multi-dimensional measuring systems, in sophisticated machine concepts saves weight, space and energy. The design improves the basis of optimum drive technology by combining modern machine components such as air bearings and the use of the latest drive technology features.

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Vacuum to ultra-high vacuum

We offer drive solutions for use in vacuum to ultra-high vacuum, in clean rooms, in strong magnetic fields or other extreme conditions. You will also find us in other applications such as aviation, automatic screwdrivers, automotive engineering, pump construction, robots, presses, laser processing, packaging technology, textile machines, etc.

Measuring machines

High-quality drive technology ensures optimum synchronization and superior smooth running. Our drive technology is used to realize coordinate measuring machines and surface scanners.

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