Digitaler Motion Controller

Motion Control With EtherCAT®
IEC standard 61158

Master + DMC
DMC und EtherCAT Master in einem Gerät
Servo controller
Servoregler mit EtherCAT
Remote I/O
E/A-Erweiterung für EtherCAT

Selection guide

Article Function Communication Number of axes Controller
DMC-520x0 pure EtherCAT master EtherCAT® USB RS-232 2, 4, 8, 16 or 32 external
DMC-500x0 DMC and EtherCAT master EtherCAT® USB 1-8 with EtherCAT® 1-4 of which also local EDD and others internal and external
EDD-3701x EtherCAT® digital controller EtherCAT® USB 1 internal
RIO-574x0 EtherCAT® remote IO module EtherCAT® USB - -

Galil's multi-axis motion controllers with EtherCAT interface(IEC standard 61158) offer high performance and flexibility for your application. With a DMC-52xx0 as the master, up to 32 EtherCAT controllers can be controlled. A digital servo controller such as the EDD-3701x or other compatible devices can be used for this purpose.

Alternatively, the DMC-500x0 supports up to a maximum of 8 axes in mixed operation. This means that you can directly connect up to 4 servo axes locally via an internal or external servo controller. The DMC controls additional axes via EtherCAT.

With the RIO-574x0 module, you can add PLC functions and additional inputs and outputs to the network.

Why use devices with EtherCAT®?

  • EtherCAT® is the widely used powerful standard IEC standard 61158.
  • The strength of EtherCAT® synchronization technology allows compatibility with demanding and simple applications.
  • Easy implementation of distributed devices and motion control.

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