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Take your drive system to the next level

You have high demands on your drive technology.

  • Icon Vorteil You need to improve your drive system or develop a new system that meets the highest requirements. But inflexible standard solutions will not achieve the desired goals.
  • Icon Vorteil You want to create a decisive competitive advantage with your drive technology. However, the implementation fails because the costs of optimally designing the drive for your system are too high.
  • Icon Vorteil You are reaching the limits of what is technically feasible due to increasing customer demands. That is why you are looking for more freedom in the mechanical design or programming of motion sequences.
CEO Matthias van Spankeren

Do you recognize yourself in these statements?

Then you've come to the right place.

Manufacturers of mass-produced goods can afford their own drive technology. However, a large number of companies cannot. They cannot optimize their products to meet your needs. However, constantly increasing customer demands are forcing you to act.

We help you get more out of your axis.

For more than 30 years, the ACHSTRON team has specialized in finding the best possible solution for its customers.

We supply you with the optimum drive technology by:

  • Icon Vorteil you explain your application and/or define your goals as precisely as possible and we listen to you.
  • Icon Vorteil You receive special adaptations as a small series.
  • Icon Vorteil We can provide you with kits and direct drives that are more sustainable, durable and efficient.
  • Icon Vorteil you can expect various technical solutions from us.

We are guaranteed to find the right drive technology for you - free of charge & without obligation

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It was up to us: relocation or unemployment

Picture of founding ime in 1990 (v.rl van Spankeren, Green, Buckley)

Rottweil in the summer of 1989: meeting with all my colleagues, my boss and I as sales manager. The management of AEG (part of Daimler-Benz since 1985) announced the relocation without much ado. Not moving again, was my first thought. How will my wife and children react? Others had similar thoughts, as did my boss at the time.

The mood quickly sank to rock bottom - nobody wanted to leave their home to move to Frankfurt or Berlin with no certainty. But when I got home, I had a liberating thought. What a coincidence that I had just attended a seminar on self-employment and management buy-out a few months earlier. The idea quickly turned into a plan that excited the whole team: my boss and I would become the owners and managing directors of a new company and secure the jobs back home.

Now the owner, AEG, had to be convinced and a contract with a purchase price had to be agreed. After all, we wanted to keep AEG as a major customer. The decisive argument was that we would continue to supply the motors to AEG in the future and guarantee their maintenance. This was very important for the brushed servomotors at the time.

In retrospect, the decision and this path proved to be the right one. Because in 1996 at the latest, we would have been out of work due to the restructuring of the Daimler-Benz Group. And at that time, the job market was certainly not an easy one.

Yours, Dieter van Spankeren

What is ACHSTRON and how did it come about?

The idea to change the name came about in 2018 when we were repeatedly asked what the abbreviation ime stood for. And of course we wanted to be at the top of the listings, or at least at the very top.

After a lot of thought, research and sleepless nights, we came up with a small selection of new names. ACHSTRON® won the race. A combination of axis and electron (Greek for move, drive). It is pronounced like [aks.tron]. As our name is very important to us, we have registered it as a word mark.

The name ACHSTRON® describes very well what we do and what you can expect from us and we want to express this with this name.


  • 2020 We celebrate our 30th company anniversary.
  • 2019 Change of name from ime GmbH to ACHSTRON Motion Control GmbH.
  • 2019 Registration of the word mark ACHSTRON® in the EUIPO register.
  • 2015 We celebrate our 25th company anniversary.
  • 2010 We celebrate our 20th company anniversary.
  • 2006 Dieter van Spankeren retires from the management.
  • 2005 Relocation within Rottweil to Berner Feld 42.
  • 2005 Matthias van Spankeren joins the management team.
  • 2004 Managing Director Eric Green leaves the company and moves to ETEL GmbH.
  • 2001 Foundation and development of ETEL GmbH in Rottweil.
  • 2001 First successful ISO 9001 certification.
  • 2000 We celebrate our 10th company anniversary.
  • 1991 Relocation within Rottweil to Brugger Straße 8.
  • 1990 Name change from IMI to ime GmbH Gesellschaft für Antriebssysteme.
  • 1990 Management buyout of AEG by Dieter van Spankeren and Eric Green
  • 1984 Foundation of the Kollmorgen subsidiary IMI GmbH in Rottweil

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