Encoders with analog, digital or absolute signals

Analog rotary encoder
Analoger Drehgeber
Digital rotary encoder
Digitaler Drehgeber
Absolute rotary encoder
Absolute Drehgeber

Selection guide for hollow shaft optical encoders

Encoder Link Type Output signal Resolution Frequency [MHz]
S21A Details analog 1 Vpp sin/cos 1000, 1024, 4096 0.1
S21D Details digital differential A, B and index 1000 to 409,600 0.5
S21H Details digital, high-resolution differential A, B and index 2000 to 2,048,000 1.5
S21W Details digital with commutation differential A, B and index 2000 to 2,048,000 0.5
S21C Details BiSS C Serial 2000 to 2,048,000 5
S21B Details absolute, serial SSI binary 8 to 16 bit 5
S21G Details absolute, serial SSI Gray Code 8 to 16 bit 0.3
S21P Details absolute, parallel Parallel Gray Code 13 Bit 0.3

Rotary encoder with housing for mounting on the drive shaft or on the second shaft end of the motor. The table helps with the preselection of the type and form of the output signal, as well as the resolution.

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