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Warranty or repair request

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If you get stuck or have any questions, our office staff will be happy to help you. Regardless of whether it concerns commercial or technical issues.

Please complete our RAN form in full in the event of a warranty or repair inquiry. Return deliveries without a valid RAN number and freight collect parcels will not be accepted by ACHSTRON®. In principle, the goods to be checked or repaired must be sent to us at the sender's expense.

RAN procedure

  1. Complete the RAN form in full (please include a detailed description of the fault) and state the invoice and/or delivery note number.
  2. Please send the completed form by e-mail to ran @ or by fax +49 741 174 29-90.
  3. You will then receive a RAN number from us immediately! Please quote this number in all correspondence with us and enclose the RAN number with the consignment.

Components or systems without a warranty claim will be repaired by us at a charge. We will provide a cost estimate on request. A lump sum (inspection costs) of EUR 120.00 (plus VAT) will be charged for this. This amount is waived for a subsequent repair order. The labor and material costs incurred during the repair will be invoiced.

If the inspection or repair has to be carried out at the manufacturer's premises, customs and transportation costs of EUR 150.00 (plus VAT) will also be incurred if the manufacturer is based in the USA or Israel.

As a rule, RAN processing takes 4 weeks. In individual cases and depending on the complexity, it may take longer. Express processing is associated with additional costs. Please ask us about this specifically or mark it on the RAN form.

If the part has to be scrapped at our premises, you will be charged EUR 40.00 (plus VAT) scrapping costs for professional disposal.

Our General Terms and Conditions apply exclusively.

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