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What is REACH?

REACH stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization of Chemicals. This is an EU chemicals regulation.

REACH Regulation in detail

Manufacturers of substances, importers of substances as such or of substances in preparations into the European Community (EC) and the European Economic Area (EEA) must register these substances with the European Chemicals Agency from June 1, 2008, provided they are manufactured or imported in quantities of at least 1 t/a and are not substances that are exempt from registration. So-called "phase-in substances", e.g. substances listed in the EINECS inventory of existing substances, can be pre-registered in the period from June 1, 2008 to December 1, 2008. Pre-registered substances do not have to be registered until later, depending on the quantity manufactured/imported.

Manufacturers and importers of articles containing more than 0.1% by mass per article of a substance on the so-called "candidate list" must provide sufficient information, but at least the name of the substance, to professional users and consumers upon request to ensure the safe use of the article. If the substance is also contained in more than 1 t/a in all of these articles, a notification must be made to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), but not before June 1, 2011.

How do we support you with REACH?

As a system house, we do not manufacture our own products in-house and are therefore dependent on the relevant declarations of our manufacturing partners. ACHSTRON® will therefore promptly provide its customers with the necessary information in accordance with Article 33 for any products upon request or, if required, in cooperation with its manufacturing partners. We will carry out the necessary communication with our manufacturers for you in order to be able to provide the relevant information as quickly and reliably as possible. Once we have received the relevant information from our manufacturers, we can then make it available to our customers. We therefore ask for your understanding that we do not answer customer-specific questionnaires in general and cannot issue general confirmations on behalf of ACHSTRON® due to the complexity of the topic and the large number of articles and manufacturers.

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