Voice Coil Actuator

Actuator with voice coil, stepper motor or shaft motor

Voice Coil linear
VCA Voice Coil Aktuator linear
Voice coil rotary
VCA Voice Coil Aktuator rotativ
Voice coil housing
VCA Voice Coil Aktuator mit Gehäuse
VCA with sensor
Voice Coil Aktuator mit Gehäuse und Encoder
Shaft motor

Selection guide for linear and rotary actuators

Actuator (English) linear rotary housing controller installation Hall encoder
Voice coil actuator voice coil Yes Yes Option No - Option
Shaft motor linear shaft motor Yes No Yes No Option Separate

Actuators are a combination of electrical drives with mechanical components. They can be used to realize strokes or angular movements. The aim of this combination is usually a very compact and powerful unit. In some cases, other electrical components such as encoders or controllers are also included.

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