Voice Coil Actuator

Rotary Voice Coil Actuator
For powerful and fast strokes at a small angle

Rotatorischer Voice Coil für drehende Anwendungen

A voice coil actuator consists of two components: a coil on a carrier and a cylinder with permanent magnets. The force and direction of the coil are directly dependent on the direction and strength of the current.

Due to the low mass of the coil, you can achieve very high acceleration . The prerequisite for this is a correspondingly light load. The force required for acceleration can be over 1,100 N. As the voice coil actuator is a direct drive, there are no losses due to the spindle or gearbox.

Voice coil actuators are also available as a kit. They offer the possibility of precise installation and are therefore very cost-efficient.

If you are looking for a linear movement instead of a rotary one, linear voice coil actuators are available. However, you can only realize short distances with these.

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  • Icon MerkmalAngle up to ±60° (curved, rotary)
  • Icon MerkmalContinuous torque from 0.009 to 1.76 Nm
  • Icon MerkmalPeak torque from 0.2 to 7 Nm
  • Icon MerkmalVery high acceleration values, e.g. 20 to 50 g long stroke and up to 400 g short stroke
  • Icon MerkmalFrequency up to 120 Hz (400 Hz maximum)

RA series models

Article peak torque continuous torque total stroke torque constant width length
  (10 s) Nm Nm degrees N/√W mm mm
RA27-10-000A 0.10 0.029 100 0.017 68.5 24.0
RA27-10-001A 0.10 0.029 100 0.017 68.5 24.0
RA29-11-002A 0.22 0.093 32.0 0.031 27.4 45.2
RA54-18-000A 1.85 0.798 7.50 0.209 45.7 60.9
RA60-10-001A 0,84 0,396 30,0 0,097 30,4 38,1
RA68-12-001A 1,20 0,649 20,0 0,158 30,2 45,2
RA68-19-000A 7,06 1,760 14,0 0,376 46,4 55,8

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