Digitaler Motion Controller

EtherCAT Master With 2, 4, 8, 16 or 32 Axis

The DMC-52xx0 EtherCAT master is a pure, small and space-saving EtherCAT controller. It can control up to 32 drives and 2 I/O modules in an EtherCAT network. The DMC-52xx0 simplifies configuration and programming with just a handful of EtherCAT configuration commands and Galil's intuitive two-letter programming language. The DMC-52xx0 is offered in 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32 axis formats. Coordinated steps can be performed within eight banks, minimizing changes to the Galil programming language. Galil supports a variety of EtherCAT drives for most applications. The DMC-52xx0 operates in cyclic synchronous positioning mode (CSP). In this mode, the servo control loop on the EtherCAT drive is closed while the Galil sends motion profile data at a rate of 1 kHz. The DMC-52xx0 has 8 unassigned, opto-isolated inputs and 8 high-power outputs. It also contains 8 unassigned analog inputs and 8 unassigned analog outputs. A 100 Mbps Ethernet port and a USB port (serial) are available for communication with a host PC or external devices.

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  • Icon MerkmalAvailable in 2-, 4-, 8-, 16- and 32-axis configuration
  • Icon Merkmal10 / 100BASE-T Ethernet connection, EtherCAT port and USB connection
  • Icon MerkmalEtherCAT cycle time 1 ms
  • Icon MerkmalCyclic synchronous position mode (CSP)
  • Icon MerkmalMotion modes include jogging, point-to-point positioning, position tracking, contouring, linear and circular interpolation, electronic gearing, ECAM and PVT
  • Icon MerkmalEllipse scaling, deceleration around corners, infinite segment feed and feed override
  • Icon MerkmalMultitasking for simultaneous execution of up to eight application programs
  • Icon MerkmalNon-volatile memory for application programs (4,000 lines), variables (510) and arrays (24,000)
  • Icon MerkmalInputs including forward limits, reverse limits and homing inputs are located on drives that support these inputs
  • Icon MerkmalAdditional I/O functions available with the RIO-47xxx or RIO-574x0
  • Icon MerkmalMains connection 120-240 VAC
  • Icon MerkmalCommunication drivers for Windows and Linux


Series DMC-52xx0
Communication 1 x Ethernet 10/100Base-T 1 x EtherCAT port 1 x USB
Form factor Box
Number of axes 2, 4, 8, 16 or 32
Interconnect-Modul ICM-20100ICM-20105
Supply voltage 120-240 VAC
Max. Encoder frequency  
Dual encoder  
EtherCAT command frequency  
EtherCAT cycle time 1 ms
Max. Stepper motor rate  
Servo update rate  
LCD display -
Optoisolated digital inputs  
Free digital inputs 8 opto-isolated
Free digital outputs 8 opto-isolated
Digital I/O in conjunction with a RIO
Analog inputs 8
Analog outputs 8
Program lines (lines x char) 4,000 x 80
Array size 24,000
Number of variables 510
Optional Galil controllers (EtherCAT controller see below)

The following external EtherCAT servo drives and I/O modules are currently supported. Further models will follow. If required, please contact us directly.

Supported controllers

Supported controllers Product Key
Galil's EDD-3701x $00009088
AMC DZEANTU $012D0000, $0000012C
Copley XenusPLUS P $00001000
Delta Electronics ASD-A2 $10305070
Estun ProNet Servo Drive $00000001
LS Mecapion L7NH $00010001
LS Mecapion Pegasus $00010000
Mitsubishi MR-J4* $00000201
Panasonic Minas A5B $53120001, $51507001
Panasonic Minas A6B $60380005, $60380006
Parker P Series $00010001
Sanyo-Denki SANMOTION R* $00000002, $00000006
Yaskawa Sigma-5 $02200001
Yaskawa Sigma-7 $02200301

Supported I/O modules

Supported I/O Product Key
Galil's RIO-574x0 $00057000
VIPA EtherCAT I/O* $0531EC00

* Consultation with manufacturer required

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