Digitaler Motion Controller

Motion Controller With Integrated EtherCAT Master

EtherCAT Master und Motion-Controller

The DMC-500x0 motion controller is Galileo's most powerful motion controller with EtherCAT master functionality. The EtherCAT master operates in cyclic synchronous torque mode or in cyclic synchronous position mode. The DMC can also be configured with up to 8 axes. Axes 1 to 4 can either be EtherCAT or local axis control, which optionally use internal controllers for servo motors or stepper motors. Axes 5 to 8 are always EtherCAT axes. With 40 µs command processing, the DMC-500x0 is the fastest of Galil's digital controllers.

The DMC-500x0 is a complete, ready-to-use motion controller with metal housing and optional internal controllers. The unit can be programmed as a stand-alone device via Ethernet 10/100Base-T or RS-232. Optically isolated inputs and outputs, power outputs for brakes or relays, as well as analog inputs for sensors are also included. A power supply of 20-80 VDC is sufficient.

Equipped with a powerful RISC processor, the DMC-500x0 offers functions such as PID control, program memory, multitasking, free inputs and outputs for synchronization with external events. Motion modes include point-to-point positioning, position tracking, continuous motion, linear and circular interpolation, contouring, electronic clutch and ECAM.

Like all Galil controllers, the DMC-500x0 can be programmed intuitively using commands (consisting of 2 letters, e.g. PR Position Relative). The GalilSuite with intelligent editor, tuning, analysis and scope functions serves as the programming interface.


  • Icon MerkmalUp to 8 axes with EtherCAT master, of which axes 1 to 4 can also be controlled locally
  • Icon MerkmalAxes 1 to 4 with PID control, upper limits, notch filter and low-pass filter
  • Icon MerkmalFreely configurable for stepper motors or servo motors in any combination (local only)
  • Icon MerkmalAvailable with internal servo drive or stepper motor driver or connect external controllers (local only)
  • Icon Merkmal22 MHz encoder input frequency for local axes
  • Icon Merkmal6 MHz for stepper motors
  • Icon Merkmal1 x 10/100 Base-T Ethernet port; 1 x EtherCAT port; 2 x RS232 port up to 115 kbaud
  • Icon MerkmalEtherCAT command speed up to 1 million increments per second
  • Icon MerkmalSampling rate 375 µs for 1-4 axes and 750 µs for 5-8 axes
  • Icon MerkmalVarious motion modes
  • Icon MerkmalMultitasking for up to 8 application programs
  • Icon MerkmalFastest command processing
  • Icon MerkmalNon-volatile memory for program encoder, variables and arrays
  • Icon MerkmalSecond encoder for local axes
  • Icon MerkmalCommunication drivers for Windows and Linux
  • Icon MerkmalCustomized hardware and firmware options are available

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Series DMC-500x0
Communication 1 x Ethernet 10/100Base-T 1 x EtherCAT port 2 x RS-232 (115 Kb)
Form factor Box
Number of axes 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 or 8
Interconnect module ICM-42000 (-I000) Default ICM-42100 (-I100) Sin/Cos ICM-42200 (-I200) External controller
Supply voltage 20-80 VDC
Max. Encoder frequency 22 MHz
Dual encoder Yes
EtherCAT command frequency 1 million incr./s
EtherCAT cycle time 1 ms
Max. Stepper motor rate 6 MHz
Servo update rate 1-4 axes 375 µs 5-8 axes 750 µs
Multitasking 8 tasks
LCD display 2 lines
Optoisolated digital inputs limit switch, home, high-speed latch and abort, output compare
Free digital inputs 1-4 axes: 8 5-8 axes: 16 (optoisolated)
Free digital outputs 1-4 axes: 8 5-8 axes: 16 (opto-isolated)
Digital I/O 32 (3.3 volts)
Analog inputs 8
Analog outputs -
Program lines (lines x char) 4,000 x 80
Array size 24,000
Number of variables 510
Optional Galil controllers for PWM and linear servo drives and stepper motors (EtherCAT controllers see below)

The following external EtherCAT servo drives and I/O modules are currently supported. Further models will follow. If required, please contact us.

Supported servo drives

Supported controllers Product Key
Galil EDD-3701x $00009088
AMC DZEANTU $012D0000, $0000012C
Copley XenusPLUS P $00001000
Delta Electronics ASD-A2 $10305070
Estun ProNet Servo Drive $00000001
LS Mecapion L7NH $00010001
LS Mecapion Pegasus $00010000
Mitsubishi MR-J4* $00000201
Panasonic Minas A5B $53120001, $51507001
Panasonic Minas A6B $60380005, $60380006
Parker P Series $00010001
Sanyo-Denki SANMOTION R* $00000002, $00000006
Yaskawa Sigma-5 $02200001
Yaskawa Sigma-7 $02200301

Supported extension modules

Supported I/O Product Key
Galil's RIO-574x0 $00057000
VIPA EtherCAT I/O* $0531EC00

* Consultation with manufacturer required

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