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Servo Motor Kit - Rotor And Stator Only
Build a space-saving and energy-saving drive

Bausatz für Servomotor

Kit motors are servo motors without housing and shaft. The kit therefore consists of a rotor and stator. This is the only way to combine the drive with the mechanical construction to form a single unit. This saves you space and weight.

In addition to the mechanical adaptation, you also always receive an electrically adapted kit motor. In concrete terms, this means that the winding of your kit motor is specially designed for your application or for the motion profile you specify. Importantly, this winding adaptation is standard.

Overall, with mechanical integration and electrical adaptation, you get a much higher power density for your drive axle. You tell us which variables have priority: Speed, torque, motor voltage, outer diameter, inner diameter, weight, temperature and/or alloy. You are welcome to discuss your specific requirements during a free consultation with one of our engineers.

Otherwise, the kit motor is a conventional servo motor. Hall sensors are therefore installed for commutation - or can be omitted at your request. Further options, such as temperature sensors, are listed below.

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Your advantages of a kit motor

  • Icon Vorteil Free of shaft and housing, you have maximum freedom for your system development.
  • Icon Vorteil Weight-reduced and space-saving system integration of the motor into your system.
  • Icon Vorteil High efficiency made possible by adapted winding.

Possible locations

  • Pfeil rechtsMeasuring machines
  • Pfeil rechtsMobile devices
  • Pfeil rechtsPortals
  • Pfeil rechtsPumps
  • Pfeil rechtsRobots

Models of the QB series (Quantum Brushless)

Key data Unit QB0170x QB0230x QB0340x QB0560x
Stator AD Ø mm 36 56 82 127
Rotor length mm 25 - 64 32 - 89 32 - 89 45 - 174
Voltage V 24, 40, 130 24, 40, 130 24, 40, 130 40, 130, 300
Continuous torque Nm 0.1 - 0.3 0.3 - 1.3 0.8 - 3.2 4.2 - 15
Speed (noload) rpm 4864 - 30746 2152 - 10000 1116 - 7313 1939 - 5534

These are only suggestions! Please ask us if you are looking for a different interpretation.


  • Icon ZahnradSamarium cobalt magnets for high temperatures
  • Icon ZahnradConnector mounting
  • Icon ZahnradHousing and encoder or resolver
  • Icon ZahnradTemperature sensor
  • Icon ZahnradWith and without Hall sensor
  • Icon ZahnradHigh speed with metal sleeve
  • Icon ZahnradWinding for application-specific voltage

Standards and guidelines

  • Icon NormREACH
  • Icon NormRoHS2


Does a winding adjustment cost extra? No, it is included in the price.
Is the inner diameter of the rotor freely selectable? Yes, you can select the inner diameter to a certain extent.
Is a specifically designed kit motor protected? Yes, only you are allowed to buy this motor.
What is the definition of a kit motor? A motor kit that contains only the rotor (magnets) and stator (winding). It is also often called a frameless motor.

We are guaranteed to find the right drive for you - free of charge & without obligation

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