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Direct Drive Kit - Rotor And Stator Only
If you expect more torque from the drive

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Servo motors can be used as rotating direct drives. The HT series has been specially developed for this purpose and is also available as a kit. Eliminate gearboxes, couplings and additional bearings and get an energy-saving and dynamic servo drive.

HT stands for High-Torque. This means that the winding and the choice of magnets in these direct drives are primarily designed for high torque. You can choose from 9 sizes between 0.008 and 9.2 Nm and thus dispense with the help of a gearbox. This reduces weight and gear backlash.

All in all, with mechanical integration and electrical adaptation, you get a much higher power density for your drive axle. The electrical adaptation, i.e. specifically the winding of the direct drive, is carried out based on your specifications. You tell us which variables have priority: Speed, torque, motor voltage, outer diameter, inner diameter, weight, temperature and/or alloy.

This rotating direct drive is also a brushless servo motor. Hall sensors are used for commutation or can be omitted at your request. Further options that you may require are listed below.


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Your advantages of a direct drive

  • Icon Vorteil Energy-saving drive solution by dispensing with gearbox, clutch and bearings.
  • Icon Vorteil Weight saving due to less moving and stationary mass.
  • Icon Vorteil Better positioning control because there is no gear backlash.

Possible locations

  • Pfeil rechts3D printers
  • Pfeil rechtsTurntables
  • Pfeil rechtsPick and place
  • Pfeil rechtsScanners
  • Pfeil rechtsMachine tools

HT series direct drive models (High Torque)

Key data Unit HT0080x HT0100x HT0150x HT0200x HT0230x HT0250x HT0300x HT0380x HT0500x  
Stator OD Ø mm 19 27 38 49 60 63 76 95 127  
Stator ID Ø max. mm 5 6 9 20 29 25 35 43 64  
Rotor length mm 11, 21, 31 11-41 11-62 11-62 11-62 11-62 11-62 11-62 11-62 11-62
Voltage V 24 24 24 24 24 24 24 100 100  
Continuous torque Nm 0.008 - 0.021 0.024 - 0.09 0.053 - 0.256 0.127 - 0.658 0.254 - 1.242 0.216 - 1.235 0.405 - 2.245 0.789 - 4.617 1.60 - 9.02  
Speed (noload) rpm 10,891 - 18,298 4,796 - 8,510 2,845 - 6,897 1,429 - 3,948 600 - 1,904 847 - 1,954 530 - 1,857 545 - 1,568 419 - 1,424  

This is just a selection! Please ask us if you need a different design.


  • Icon ZahnradSamarium cobalt magnets for high temperatures
  • Icon ZahnradPlug mounting for power and signal cables
  • Icon ZahnradVersion with housing
  • Icon ZahnradTemperature sensor according to your specifications
  • Icon ZahnradWithout Hall sensors
  • Icon ZahnradMagnetic sleeve for high speeds

Standards and guidelines

  • Icon NormREACH
  • Icon NormRoHS3

FAQ about Rotating direct drive

How do different torques occur with the same size? The winding is always adapted to your application.
What to do if the torque is still not sufficient? The motor length can be varied. This means that one or more Magenten rings can be fitted in addition. The flange dimension remains the same.
Is a separate bearing required for the rotor? No, you design a drive shaft for the rotor and this needs to be mounted. The shaft and rotor are firmly connected to each other with adhesive or a fit.
What is the definition of a direct drive? A drive that is attached directly to the load. This means that there are no gears, spindles or other power transmission components in the drive train.

We are guaranteed to find the right drive for you - free of charge & without obligation

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