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Power Supply Units For Digital Motion Controllers

PSR-30-24 and PSR-15-48

PSRS power supply for motion controller

The PSR switching power supplies are suitable for operating the motion controllers. With 750 watts, the PSR-30-24 offers a current of 30 A at 24 V and the PSR-15-48 a current of 15 A at 48 V. Both devices include protection against overload, overvoltage and overtemperature. A shunt with diode is also built in. This is ideal for motion control applications in particular, as slowing down the drive leads to generator effects that could destroy the power supply unit or other connected devices.

The efficiency of the devices within the recommended ambient temperature of -30 to +50 °C is 95%. For full performance, the PSR must be mounted on an external cooling surface. Operation without this cooling surface is possible, in which case the maximum output current is reduced.


The PS Series power supplies are small, low power consumption power supplies equipped with a 2-pin Molex Mini-Fit, Jr. connector to allow direct connection to a DMC-40x0(ISCNTL), DMC-41x3(ISCNTL) or DMC-3x01x(ISCNTL), isolating the controller power supply from the amplifier power supply. It can also power the RIO Pocket PLC. The PS series is available in the PS-2.50-24 version.


  • Icon MerkmalMains connection 100-240 VAC
  • Icon MerkmalOutput 24 VDC and 48 VDC
  • Icon MerkmalPower up to 750 W
  • Icon MerkmalOperating temperature -30 to 50 °C
  • Icon MerkmalEfficiency up to 95
  • Icon MerkmalProtection against overload, overvoltage and overtemperature
  • Icon MerkmalCircuit with shunt for power feedback
  • Icon MerkmalScrew terminals for output
  • Icon MerkmalSurface cooling required for 750 watts
  • Icon Merkmal300 watt power supply units with built-in fan

60 Watt power supply units (also for separate logic with ISCNTL option)

Part number Current Voltage Fan Mains connection Compatible
PS-2.50-24 2.5 A 24 VDC - 240 VAC DMC-40x0(ISCNTL), DMC-41x3(ISCNTL), DMC-3x01x(ISCNTL) and RIO pocket PLC

300 Watt power supply units

Article number Current Voltage Fan Mains connection Dimensions
PSR-12-24 12 A 24 VDC Yes 230 VAC 215 x 158 x 300 mm
PSR-6-48 6 A 48 VDC Yes 230 VAC 215 x 158 x 300 mm

750 Watt power supply units

Part number Current cooled* Current without cooling surface* Voltage Fan Mains connection Dimensions
PSR-30-24 30 A 16 A 24 VDC - 230 VAC 237 x 108 x 86 mm
PSR-15-48 15 A 10 A 48 VDC - 230 VAC 237 x 108 x 86 mm

* The 750 Watt power supply units must be mounted on a flat metal structure that can dissipate heat. Mount the PSR on a flat aluminum surface (230 x 84 mm) with cooling paste and 4 M3 screws. The temperature must be less than 70 °C at an ambient temperature of 50 °C.

Drawings PSR-30-24 and PSR-15-48

Drawings PSR-12-24 and PSR-6-48

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