Galil Design Kit (GDK)

Motion modes for motion controllers

Jog mode (continuous run)

'Set motor of axis A to continuous operation at 50000 inc/s
'Wait until speed is reached
'Set motor of axis C to continuous operation with 25000 ink/s
AC 20000,,20000; 'Define acceleration of axis A and C 20000 inkr/s
DC 20000,,20000; 'Define deceleration of axis A and C 20000 inkr/s
JG 50000,,-25000; 'Define continuous run speed and direction for axis A and C
BG A; 'Start axis A
AS A; 'Wait until A has reached speed
BG C; 'Start axis C

Linear interpolation with LM

'Axis AB and should move 90° angle
'To slow down the speed in the corners we use the command AV
'The trigger point here is a defined distance (vector) to be covered.
'The speed is then reduced to 1000 inc/s. As soon as the motor has reached the corner,
'its speed is 4000 ink/s again.  Vector mode is an alternative to LM mode.
DP 0,0; 'Define position of A and B axes to be 0
LM AB; 'Define linear mode between A and B axes.
LI 5000,0; 'Specify first linear segment
LI 0,5000; 'Specify second linear segment
LE; 'End linear segments
VS 4000; 'Specify vector speed
BG S; 'Begin motion sequence
AV 4000; 'Set trippoint to wait until vector dist of 4000 is reached
VS 1000; 'Change vector speed to 1000cts/sec
AV 2000; 'Set trippoint to wait 2000cts from last AV command
VS 4000; 'Change vector speed back to 4000cts/sec

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