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Rectangular air bearings preloaded with vacuum
For maximum precision, smooth operation and optimum synchronization

With a vacuum air bearing, you can store without contact and therefore without friction. This is achieved with a thin layer of compressed gas. The air serves as a lubricant that flows out of porous material. This allows you to move your load with high precision, dynamically and smoothly.

Air bearings preloaded with vacuum glide on flat, non-porous surfaces such as granite, aluminum, glass and ceramic. The combination of air pressure and vacuum presses the load onto the surface and lifts it at the same time.

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Your advantages of an air bearing

  • Icon Vorteil Infinite service life, as maintenance-free.
  • Icon Vorteil Fast and smooth movements that do not jerk even at the highest resolution.
  • Icon Vorteil Much more precise positioning is possible with air bearings.
  • Icon Vorteil There is no loss of energy and no source of heat due to friction.
  • Icon Vorteil Free of lubricants or other lubricants.


  • Icon MerkmalHousing material made of 7075 Al/anodized
  • Icon MerkmalAir-permeable graphite material

Models of vacuum air bearings

Characteristics Unit OAVF20L40V OAVF25L50V OAVF40L50V OAVF40L80V OAVF50L100V
Dimensions (l x w) mm 20 x 40 25 x 50 40 x 50 40 x 80 50 x 100
Bearing height mm 13 22 17 15 25
Air gap µm 5 5 5 5 5
Flatness µm 0,005 0,005 0,005 0,005 0,005
Inlet pressure MPa 0,27 - 0,68        
Air connection   M3 x 0,5   M5 x 0,8    
Vacuum inlet kPa 50,8        
Vacuum connection   M5 x 0,8        
Hold-down force N 17 26 42 66,8 104
Ideal load N 116 185 303 463 735
Stiffness N/µm 10 16 26,5 38,4 73
Weight g 22,5 48 73 104 285

*Applies at temperature 0° C and air pressure 101.325 Pa (1.01325 bar)

Standards and guidelines

  • Icon NormREACH
  • Icon NormRoHS2

We are guaranteed to find the right air bearing for you - free of charge & without obligation

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Can another gas also be used? Compressed air is commonly used in industrial applications. Compressed nitrogen is also possible, but this also changes the air bearing values. All specifications must be considered when using compressed air.
How clean must the supply air be? Cleanliness class between 3 and 4 of ISO 8573.1
How are air bearings maintained? The air bearings are maintenance-free.
Can I clean the surface? Use a soft cloth with isopropyl alcohol and let it dry.
How do I install an air bearing? Please read the instructions before starting. Each type of air bearing must be installed differently and this should be taken into account during the design phase.
How does an air bearing maintain stability and damping effect? Air bearings are coated with a special epoxy resin that seals the pores on the surface where no airflow is desired. The design thus forces the airflow in the direction of the friction-free surface. This results in greater rigidity, more stability and better damping properties.

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