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System engineering in drive technology


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Experience and knowledge of what is important are essential when advising on products and systems that require intensive consultation. Drive systems consist of many control variables and influencing factors. These parameters, with their sometimes opposing effects, make such systems complex.

To provide the best possible advice, we therefore strive for a holistic approach to the task at hand. In doing so, we rely on the information provided by our customers. They know the details of the requirements and the area of application. We ensure that the data is handled confidentially.


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In design, we distinguish between two areas: Product design and system design. In the simplest case, product design is the selection of options. If the existing options or performance data are not sufficient, a product adaptation must be considered.

A system design comprises several components and may also involve product customization. The interaction of components for the overall system is a challenge that we are happy to take on.


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Like other systems, drive systems and their assemblies today consist of many individual components. Especially in the interaction of the individual parts, every detail is often important. In order to achieve the best possible results during assembly, experience and compliance with guidelines are essential.

We are meticulous

Careful processing of the individual parts is important to us. It starts with the receipt of goods and ends with the dispatch of the goods. This is the only way we can achieve the desired solid basic structure to meet the highest requirements. This applies just as much to a simple cable assembly as it does to a complex positioning system.

We are versatile

In drive technology, every solution is different. We are used to this diversity and offer a high degree of flexibility in assembly. Our employees know what is important and assemble with practiced skills. This experience helps us to produce even complex solutions for our customers.


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We are happy to take care of commissioning. As diverse as the drive solutions are, so too are the commissioning requirements. We are adaptable in this area and offer all steps from assembly to the finished application. The choice is yours!

The mechanical assembly of the electrical components described above is ideally carried out in a metal housing. This makes it easier to implement important safety precautions and good protection. The final mechanical assembly of the drive is usually carried out by the customer.

Reach your goal in 3 steps

Mechanical final assembly is not absolutely necessary for the configuration of the electrical and control components. But not everything can be tested. Solutions can be found here in consultation with our team. For example, customers confirm the functionality of the created configuration to us. We do this on the new product and you only need to carry out the final assembly.

One step further, we achieve the functional readiness of a system. This means that a rudimentary tuning of the control loops enables a back and forth movement or a continuous run for rotary axes. You can build on this, implement fine adjustments according to your requirements or even test different parameter sets.

Finally, the application software is developed. We can also take over this part of the project for you: The development of the motion control, i.e. the programming of motion sequences, inputs/outputs and communication.

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