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The PLC RIO now with EtherCAT

EtherCAT slave modules for remote inputs and outputs. A cost-effective PLC alternative.

EtherCAT Slave Remote E/A RIO

Galil is expanding its PLC series. As of today, EtherCAT slave modules are available that enable additional inputs and outputs close to the point of use. In conjunction with an EtherCAT master from Galil (e.g. DMC-500x0) or another manufacturer, automation systems can be implemented easily and cost-effectively. A real alternative to other well-known manufacturers.

RIO-57410 PLC with digital: 16 inputs and 16 outputs (opto-isolated)

RIO-57420 PLC with digital: 16 inputs and 16 outputs (opto-isolated) and analog: 8 inputs and 8 outputs (12 bit; 16 bit as an option)


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