Topline picture ACHSTRON

Micro encoders - the smallest rotary encoders

Micro encoder with incremental or absolute position measurement from 6 mm diameter

Micro Encoder inkremental

Incremental micro encoder

  • Incremental outer diameter from 6 to 200 mm
  • Resolution from 40 to 1,440,000 inc/rev
  • TTL with A, B and Z for the index

Absolute micro encoder

  • Singleturn outer diameter from 6 to 100 mm
  • Multiturn outer diameter from 46 to 65 mm
  • Single-turn resolution from 8 to 20 bits (256 to 1,048,576 inc./rev.)
  • Multiturn resolution 8 to 12 bits
  • Output signal Gray, binary or BCD code, depending on model

Both versions are available with a single shaft, double shaft end or hollow shaft.

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