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Higher resolution with Galil controller

Galil's servo controllers AMP-43520, AMP-43540 and AMP-43740 now have a 16-bit resolution for the PWM signal

DMC digital motion controller from Galil

The AMP-43520, AMP-43540 and AMP-43740 amplifiers now have 16-bit PWM resolution. An AMP-43520 and AMP-43540 contain 2 or 4 sin/cos amplifiers with 600 watts of power. The switching frequency is 33 kHz. While an AMP-43740 with 4 axes, 1,200 watts of power has a switching frequency of 20 kHz. Galil has increased their PWM resolution from 12 bit to 16 bit without reducing the switching frequency. This means that the advantages of a higher resolution can be used without the known disadvantages of a lower switching frequency.

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