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Galil optimizes sine-commutated servo drives

The D3520, D3540 and 3740 servo controllers now work with a PWM resolution of 16 bits at 33 KHz

DMC digital motion controller from Galil

Galil's digital sine wave amplifiers are ideal for applications that require precise control with a high bandwidth. The simple commissioning and integration in the motion controller make the system setup considerably easier. The latest revision of the servo amplifier is designed to further improve the excellent current resolution and accuracy.

According to Galil, this is the only digital servo controller on the market that offers a resolution of 16 bits in the current control loop. The 16 bits are available at 33 KHz switching frequency and is not only available for a lower frequency. This allows more accurate and linear current transmission over the entire available current range. As a final consequence, the precision of the regulation benefits the entire application.

AmplifierNumber of axesPowerContinuous currentPeak currentVoltage
D35202600 W8 A15 A20-80 VDC
D35404600 W8 A15 A

20-80 VDC

D374041,200 W16 A30 A

20-80 VDC

You only need to upgrade to the new firmware revision 1.3 for this performance increase. As the aforementioned amplifiers are an optional component of a DMC-40x0 or DMC-41x3, you can have this carried out as part of a DMC update.


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