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Controller: small, fine and strong?

The FE100-50 servo controller with EtherCAT or CANopen complements the FlexPro® series.

Bild Servoregler FlexPRO

FlexPro® controllers are designed for operation within a network, but can also be operated independently via stored indices and sequences with I/O, just like earlier digital servo controllers. Other external control signals, such as ±10 V analog or Step & Direction (5V), are also possible. On the output side, FlexPROs are able to control brushed, brushless, stepper and linear motors. Each controller variant is also available in a developer version and can be connected in series as plug-in boards with pins or via cable. The FlexPro® family is growing steadily and more products are in the pipeline. Future models will include more network options and larger power ranges.

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