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Have the winding customized for dynamic and precise drives and actuators.

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We ensure that our products and processes are of the highest quality, which saves you time and reduces costs.

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Framework orders starting at 50 units with a term of 12 months, which simplifies your planning.

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ACHSTRON ist über 30 Jahre aktiv We have been a partner and consultant for drive technology for over 30 years

ACHSTRON is certified according ISO 9001:2015 We work according to ISO 9001:2015 and are certified accordingly

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Kit motor and direct drive

Kit motor

A kit motor is a brushless servo motor without housing, shaft and bearings. Your overall system is therefore lighter than with a standard servo motor with housing. With just the rotor and stator, the motor can also be integrated into the desired system in a much more space-saving manner .

A customer-specific design provides you with an optimized drive solution. This also includes an adapted winding and the selection of magnets, which vary depending on the motion profile of your application. As a one-off, this highly application-specific kit motor is also much better protected against replication.

Kit motor

servo motor

A permanently excited, brushless servo motor (BLDC) is optimized for highly dynamic positioning. This is achieved by a lightweight rotor and stator design. High-quality magnet materials (NeFeBo, etc.) and adapted windings are also important parameters.

Other design objectives are to achieve the lowest possible torque ripple (cogging, cogging torque or ripple) and to maximize speed or torque, depending on the requirements of your application.

Brushless servo motor

Linear motor

An electric linear motor is basically an unwound servo motor. The Transrapid is an example of this technology. The "slider", table or coil (rotor in the rotary motor) in the linear motor is pulled along the track by the longitudinally moving magnetic field. Ball bearings or air bearings are used to ensure that the bearing is as frictionless as possible.

Linear motor

Torque motor

Torque motors are the powerhouses among rotary servo drives. For every precise rotary movement that requires high dynamics and torque, you should consider using a torque motor.

Various designs are possible. Depending on the application, a flat, tubular or housingless design is required. A torque motor is usually designed without a gearbox, i.e. as a direct drive. This is the only way to avoid gear backlash and running noise.

Torque motor

Motion controllers and PLC


Digital motion controllers (DMC) realize position control of multiple axes with the help of RISC processors. The central coordination of axes enables interpolation, PVT, event handling and other motion modes. With easy and free programming, almost any application can be realized quickly. Standalone devices offer communication via Ethernet, EtherCAT, USB or RS-232.

Motion controller

PCI motion controller

Motion controllers as a PCI plug-in card for operation in a PC. They are almost identical to the digital motion controller described above. Depending on the required number, models with up to 8 axes are available. The servo drives are always external, as the space in the PC is limited. This means that an optimally matching amplifier can be used for each axis in all power sizes.

PCI motion controller

DMC single-axis

Single-axis digital motion controllers (DMC) can be placed in the immediate vicinity of the axis to be controlled. This saves wiring effort and cable length. The DMCs then communicate with each other via Ethernet. These motion controllers also have a switch function. Other variants have integrated servo drives or stepper motor drivers. Without an integrated controller, any external servo drives can be connected, allowing even very powerful drives to be moved.

single-axis motion controller

PLC controller

A programmable logic controller (PLC) is a module that is used to control a system. It can also be used as a supplement to a motion controller. Various inputs/outputs are available for connecting sensors and operating actuators.

RIO small PLC

Voice Coil Actuator & Shaft Motor

Voice coil actuator

A voice coil actuator consists of two components: a coil on a carrier (e.g. plastic) and a cylinder with permanent magnets. Similar to a loudspeaker, the coil moves in a changing magnetic field, hence the name voice coil. This design offers you a lot of power in a small installation space and very high acceleration values.

Voice coils are available in linear (LA) or rotary design (RA). They are adapted for high acc eleration and speed according to the requirements of your task. As an alternative to the kit, voice coil actuators are available with a housing and then optionally with a position sensor.

Voice coil actuator

Shaft motor

Shaft motors are ideal for precise and efficient linear movements. These mechatronic units can be easily integrated into your application. The constant running characteristics without cogging torques are also impressive.

With this drive technology, you are able to solve highly dynamic and force-demanding tasks. In addition, hydraulics and conventional spindle drives can be replaced. Parallel operation of several shank motors or forcers on one shank expands the possibilities in the design of your system.

Shaft motor

Servo drive

Analog servo drive

The servo drive (amplifier) is the link between the controller and the servo motor. Its task is to convert the analog signal from the controller into a powerful PWM signal for the servo motor. For example, ±10 volts becomes ±15 A.

Originally, the controllers were just a simple power stage that enabled the controller to move a servo motor. The first were 1-quadrant controllers for brushed servo motors. With a 4-quadrant controller, it is finally possible to move in both directions.

Servo drives for brushless motors also perform commutation, in this case by means of block commutation, which switches the individual motor phases on or off.

Block commutated servo drive

Digital servo drive

A controller with sine commutation is able to switch the current on and off slowly in a motor phase . This has the advantage that a direct drive or actuator can start up even more smoothly. Ideally, the current rise is sinusoidal. Hence the name of this commutation method. The controllers are integrated in the motion controller, which saves space and wiring effort.

Sinusoidal commutated servo drives

Air bearing and guide

Luftlager rund

Replace your conventional mechanical bearing with an air bearing. Ball bearings, for example, can be replaced with roller air bearings. An air bearing has many advantages: The extremely long service life and the lower losses, as they are frictionless. Both of these enable much higher dynamics in the drive system.

Air bearing

Luftlager V-führung

An air bearing guide consists of air bearings and guides and is available in various profiles: T-profile, U-profile and V-profile as well as the dovetail profile. In the fully encased version, the bearing runs on a square. A wide range of designs, sizes and features make it easy to build new applications or retrofit an existing application.

Air bearing guide

Optical and magnetic Encoder

Rotary encoder

Optical rotary encoders with a hollow shaft are encoders with a housing. They are explicitly designed for mounting on a drive shaft or on the rear shaft end of a servo motor or stepper motor. A rotary encoder can provide an absolute (BiSS, Gray Code, SSI), analog (sin/cos 1 Vpp) or incremental (5 VTTL) output signal.

Rotary encoder

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